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At the request of CMSV faculty, library research and electronic resource instruction sessions can be very general, or tailored to the specific research and information needs of a class.

General sessions consist of an orientation to the Library and an introduction to library research. This includes a demonstration of the OPAC and other relevant electronic or online resources. Sessions tailored to the specific information and research needs of a class include the above, as well as advanced search techniques, analysis and use of relevant print and electronic resources, and guidelines for evaluating web sites. Research strategy, appropriate index selection, and examples of search techniques are discussed. 

Faculty will want to provide the bibliographic instruction librarian with a copy of the library/research assignment and/or a list of current research topics before the instructional session so that the presentation may be tailored to the needs of their class. Also, we ask that you supply the bibliographic instruction librarian with the number of students expected to attend the session.

Requests are taken on a "first-come, first-served" basis. If a time slot is filled, we schedule the session for the next available time that is convenient for the requestor.  A minimum of two weeks advance notice is highly advisable.  

CMSV faculty are encouraged to contact Director of the Library at x3398 to request bibliographic instruction sessions for their classes.


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