Boolean Operator OR


At the very core of the research process are words.  Establishing vocabulary control, selecting the right terms, and relating them properly to one another determines the success of the research. 

Collecting synonyms and related terms related to a topic, and leveraging the Boolean operator OR, is an inclusive way to search databases. OR is often used to broaden a search by linking together a number of synonyms. Use the operator OR to search for articles which contain any of your search terms.


Synonym and Related Term examples:

Research Subject Synonyms and Related Terms
1. Fatal car accidents in the United   States cars automobiles "motor vehicle"
2. Ethics and computer use in the workplace computers internet network
3. Illegal Trade and the consequences for the Global Economy "illegal trade" pirating smuggling


Boolean Query examples:  

1. (cars or automobiles or "motor vehicles") and (fatality or deaths) and "united states"

2. ethics and workplace and (computers or internet or network)

3. "global economy" and ("illegal trade" or pirating or smuggling)


William Perrenod 11.09.05