Application for Reasonable Accommodations

Guidelines for Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

  • Students requesting reasonable accommodations (academic and housing) must initiate the application process by applying through the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Covered disabilities may include physical, sensory, cognitive, or mental health impairments that substantially limit one or more of a student's major life activities.
  • Under the American Disability Act (ADA), a reasonable accommodation is defined as a service that does not fundamentally alter the programs, course design, living space, and activities provided to other students. Additionally, the accommodation may not pose a financial or administrative burden to the College.
  • A reasonable accommodation request can be initiated at any time during the student’s academic enrollment at the College. The time to process an application may vary and the decision process does take time. The timeframe of the review process is determined on a case-by-case basis; however, students are encouraged to begin the process at least 4 weeks in advance of the date they are requesting to start their accommodations. The College may not be able to arrange for accommodations that are not requested in a timely manner. Housing accommodation requests are based on availability. Even if a student is approved for a housing accommodation, they may be placed on a waiting list.
  • To begin the application process, students are required to complete the following:
    • Online Reasonable Accommodation Request Form (see below)
    • Submit the appropriate supporting documentation (e.g. 504 Plan, IEP, Evaluation)
    • Meet with the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services
  • Once the application process is completed and approved, the student will receive accommodation letters. Students are responsible for submitting the appropriate letter to faculty and/or administrator.
  • All supporting documentation is confidential and will be placed on file by the Office of Accessibility Services.

I am applying for

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Campus Address

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Indicate the nature of your disability. Check all that apply:


What documents will you be submitting? Check all that apply:


Check and/or list all your requested accommodations below: (Accommodations will only be approved if they are supported by documentation).

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For housing accommodation requests only, answer the following questions. Otherwise, skip to the bottom of the page.
Have you previously applied for housing accommodations?

If you answered yes, what was the decision?

(Include if you were placed on a waiting list or if you declined the offered accommodation)

(Please be specific)

Office of Accessibility Support Services Permission to Release Information

I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the college with the documentation that outlines my need for reasonable accommodations. Your signature verifies that you authorize disclosure of your accommodations to the appropriate personnel of the college in order to provide necessary services.

By signing my name below, I authorize the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services at the College of Mount Saint Vincent to disclose my accommodations, in writing and verbally, to my instructors and professors, appropriate administrators and college service providers, or to persons of the college deemed necessary by the Director to coordinate my academic support services.

Please type your name to confirm that you agree to this contract.