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Interlibrary Loan FAQ

WHY MIGHT I USE INTERLIBRARY LOAN?  Interlibrary Loan is a service through which CMSV students and faculty may obtain books and periodical articles not owned by the Elizabeth Seton Library and not accessible through the Library’s electronic resources. Interlibrary Loan is not used for obtaining textbooks.

AM I ELIGIBLE?  Any student with a current validated CMSV ID may request materials NOT OWNED by the Elizabeth Seton Library.

DOES THE ELIZABETH SETON LIBRARY OWN THE MATERIAL I NEED?  Check the Library’s Online Catalog and our journal Title Lists before submitting a request form. Requests for materials owned by the Elizabeth Seton Library will NOT be processed even if, for example, the material is on Reserve or charged out. Should the item be charged out, consult with staff at the Library Circulation Desk about options available to you.

Questions about using the Online Catalog? Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.
Questions about using our journal Title Lists? Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

HOW DO I MAKE A REQUEST?  Forms can be obtained using the links below. Hard copy forms should be used when visiting the library. To provide the best service and to be eligible for processing, all hard copy requests forms must be reviewed and initialed by a LIBRARIAN. Electronically submitted request forms will also be reviewed and processed accordingly. 

WHAT CAN BE REQUESTED?  Most books and articles in magazines and journals can usually be obtained.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?  Journal articles may be delivered between 24 hours and 7 days, while books may take up to 14days. Because ILL depends on the services of other libraries, we cannot control when items will arrive.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?  Books and journal articles are gratis for CMSV faculty and students.

HOW WILL I KNOW MY MATERIAL HAS BEEN RECEIVED?  A phone call will be made to inform you that your material has arrived. 

WHERE DO I PICK UP MY MATERIAL?  All books can be picked up at the Circulation Desk during regular Library service hours. Articles may be picked up from the Circulation Desk or in some cases, when your request is sent electronically, your article is directly delivered to your CMSV email account. 

HOW LONG CAN I KEEP THE MATERIAL?  Generally, books can be kept for three or four weeks. The loan period depends on the policy of the lending library. Your book will come with information that tells you the due date imposed by the lending library.

CAN BOOKS BE RENEWED?  Renewals can be requested only through the Elizabeth Seton Library ILL Office, and are frequently granted by the lending library, but are sometimes refused. Be sure to request a renewal before your book is due.

WHAT IF MY BOOK IS OVERDUE?  It is critical to the entire College community that we respect the lending library’s due dates so that they will continue to be our lending partners. A $1.00 per day late fee will be charged, and all library privileges will be suspended if ILL books are overdue.

PLEASE NOTE: Lost book charges are determined by the lending library and often include a processing fee in addition to the cost of replacing the book.

ARE THERE OTHER MEANS OF OBTAINING MATERIALS FROM OTHER LIBRARIES?   As a student in New York City, you have access to many excellent public libraries including the New York Public Library.


Hard Copy Request Forms (Handed in at Library Front Desk) Electronic Request Forms (e-mailed)

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